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08-07-2012, 03:52 PM
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As much as I agree the reffing was suspect, it was suspect on both sides of the ball, but the ref shouldnt not have made that time violation call.

Everyone, the announces etc have said there was no warning issued, even the Team USA coach said they hadnt seen that ever before.....thats a problem....

At the same time, the Canadian players made themselves look bad by complaining afterwards the way they did. You walk off the field with your head held high, you accept what was handed to you, as complaining will not change the verdict of the game.

You file an official complaint if you want, fine. But to take to twitter and the news papers is a bit much. Perhaps a team issued statement summing up the feelings would have sufficed, instead of 10 players sounding off about it.

Had they won that would have been the single greatest game of Canadian Womens Soccer. Ever. Period. So I understand the frustration, though it looks more favourable on a nation to come together and whoop France for Bronze then dwell on not being in the Gold Medal game.

I thought USA was going to mop the floor with them, they should be proud of the way they competed and almost won that game.

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