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08-07-2012, 02:56 PM
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Originally Posted by Leafsdude7 View Post
Came to post this. Baseball should also return. It's no less popular world-wide than basketball, and it can be as much of a draw in certain areas of the world. I get the feeling, and I really hope I'm wrong, but that baseball was cut because the MLB refused to allow the professionals to play and that since the NBA allows theirs to play, Basketball remains.

The reason why I wouldn't expect Cricket to show up is because the length of time a single match alone can take is probably not feasible for the timetable of the Olympics.
20/20 cricket doesn't take any time at all but like baseball should remain outside of the Olympics. It is restricted to a few countries that hardly constitute a global strength.

15 a side union is out of the question as that would undermine the Rugby World Cup, players would not be released by clubs in an already congested club and international calendar and there is no way you can cram the physical effort required in XV's into two weeks.

Absolutely no way.

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