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08-07-2012, 03:04 PM
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Originally Posted by geehaad View Post
I don't mean to sound super dismissive, but this isn't a H2H's a roto league. There are a bazillion opportunities to play H2H, so I don't understand the need to change this one.

If you're motivated as such, start a new H2H keeper league and form it with the players that you have here and invite HFBoards folks to GM the teams that some of us don't want. I'm sure you'd have people lined up to do so. Similarly, if you don't want to play roto here, I'm sure we can backfill your GM position very quickly.
I've only been in the league for one year but I'm pretty sure the idea is to have a league that the Canes HFBoards community will like. Unless the league originated among a particular group of Dave G's friends and expanded into a league for this community, because then that original group gets more say in my opinion. But I believe this is a league for the Canes HFBoards community, so we as a league should just vote on it or something like that.

I get that you feel really strongly about this being a roto league. But so far I see 5 comments in favor of H2H and 2 in favor of roto. If more members prefer H2H, then the league is just going to have to change. I don't want to start a new league. I want to play fantasy hockey with this group of people. Starting a new league doesn't make sense to me, and I honestly wouldn't want to run a semi-serious keeper league (major kudos to Dave G for doing it).

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