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Originally Posted by SouthpawTRK View Post
Thanks MetropolisPt31 for your answers to my questions that I posted the other day! I really appreciate you taking the time to answer them; you've always been a stand up guy on the forums.

Part of me feels that I should be playing one level lower for a couple of reasons. One, my time playing is not very much and I feel like that I have a ton or room to improve. Part of me also feels like I should be playing in a different division which stems from the amount of ringers.

I really don't want to leave a team of good hearted players due to not getting along with just one player. I'm hoping that the person has changed their ways and isn't such an @$$hole (this is what another player from another team described my future team mate).

Once again, thanks for the feedback!
What division are you in?

There's always advantages to playing against and with players that are better than you. However, it also pays to play in games where you can excel or at least be mid-level, especially for new players. I think it helps build confidence. Its why players start in the minors, even if they're "NHL ready". Now when I say excel, I mean be in the top percentage of players in your CLASS. I think if you can pace about a point per game, thats the sweet spot for confidence building.

In regards to leaving a team because of one player - if I were you I'd talk to the captain and other "friendly" teammates and take a player vote. Captains should be responsible enough to know a cancer on the team and should take action, for the sake of the team. I've "removed" players from my teams before, and although its not the funnest thing in the world, sometimes they just have to be done. Thankfully, the two teams I pay and play for have a great locker room. That's not always easy to come by.

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