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08-07-2012, 04:36 PM
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Originally Posted by JVReemer View Post
Drew Doughty has won the Stanley cup, an Olympic gold medal and he has been a finalist for the Norris trophy. Subban is 6ft 206lbs, and is 23 with a career ppg of 0.47. Doughty is 6ft 212lbs, is 22 years old and has almost twice as many games played with a career ppg of 0.51 while playing considerably better defence than subban.

Doughty is a winner and a leader, And I don't see a valid comparison between the two players..
That's the best you can do? Bring up a very similar PPG and size? Talk about one being a ''winner'' due to a cup win and an Olympic Gold Medal, when the other wasn't in the NHL yet during the 2010 Games but has 2 WJC Gold Medals and did go to the ECF in his first few weeks as a NHLer. Not too mention Subban was part of a dominant AHL team in 2009-10 and went to the Memorial Cup in 2008. The guy has done plenty of winning in recent years.

The ''leader'' Doughty also missed most of camp last year holding out and took most of the season to hit his stride - I have him in a keeper league, so I am well informed on all things Doughty.

Doughty is better and should be elite for years to come, I don't think any Hab fan will argue otherwise, but the gap is not gigantic like you claim it is. Subban easily has the goods to be a #1 D.

From a non biased source:

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