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08-07-2012, 04:17 PM
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If ads keep the league alive, who cares. Its Rangers hockey either way. Will a DKNY or Chase ad on a jersey prevent Nash from scoring a goal? If not, then what ever.

So many teams around the league are in debt. If getting an extra few million to put a Coors Light logo on a jersey gives a team enough funds to acquire good players to have a competitive team, why not?

What if having a Chase logo is the difference between being able to keep all the core players because the salary cap was high enough to do so?

I am a purist and appreciate nostalgia. History and integrity of the sport. But times change. The world economy is crap. If this niche league can find ways to remain competitive, without effecting the actual game its self, then what's the problem.

I don't believe the league would allow its self to get out of hand by covering the entire uniforms with ads.

There won't be ads in the attack zones on the ice, because that's where the vast majority of critical plays happen and the puck won't be allowed to get lost on the ice because of ads.

Im not thrilled with it. But if it helps keep the league healthy, then OK. In moderation.

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