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08-07-2012, 04:27 PM
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Originally Posted by Duck Sauce View Post
I've always been under the impression that there's lots of money to be made in graphic design as well, but I was always turned off by how saturated the market for good graphic designers has become (or so I thought, maybe I'm wrong about that lol). But I guess you could say that about any part of the computer industry nowadays.
Thats exactly it. The issue certainly is not a lack of work. Its just an overly saturated market with, to be honest, a lot of 1 dimensional people.

You either have to be extremely good, very lucky or have an in with some large clients in order to freelance as a Graphic Designer.

Thats why most people couple it with Web/Print/Video/Advertising in order to build out a niche. Same thing with any industry, you have to specialize if you want to make more money.

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