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08-07-2012, 06:17 PM
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Are there any sets out there that harken to more simple times, insofar as having relatively plain or non-garish borders, natural photos that aren't messed around with a lot, have cards for around fifteen players per team, have stat lines on the back that go beyond one year, and have no tin-foil or sparkly things on them?

Or stated in simpler terms, sets like the old Upper Deck ones that first came out? I seem to recall they did something like that for Baseball in the mid-nineties with a series/set called Collectors Choice: just simple cards with simpler designs, more stats, etc...

Would love to be able to buy a set of hockey cards each year that was made for the simple fan and not the hardcore collectors - not that there's anything wrong with hardcore collecting as well, just seems like the hobby has skewed almost entirely in that direction.

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