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08-07-2012, 05:30 PM
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Originally Posted by Analyzer View Post
Patch, #/50, signed, from the cup and number 08 (or is it 06 ?) Make that card worth a lot on ebay.

If a card is numbered and that number is 1, or the player's number it adds more to the value.

I want to get Beckett to grade cards, but it would cost 100s of dollars....
BGS offers a service where if you send in bulk cards, like more than 10, and ask for the turnaround time to be over 30 days (maybe its 60) they only charge $8 US per card. They'll charge another fee if the card is autographed because they'll grade te auto too.

My recommendation is if your card is /100 or less, don't bother getting it graded. The exception will be any important rookie card...a lot of the /99 RCs are worth grading. Otherwise the best cards for grading are the ones a lot of people like but are very common.

Also be very strict on grading your own cards before you send them in. If you get a below average grade, not only are you out the grading fee, your card becomes worth even less than an ungraded copy. If your card receives an average grade like 9.0 for a new card, it will also be worth less. Only if your card gets a 9.5 or higher is it worth more and potentially the growth value is higher than what you paid for the fee. There's no middle ground.

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