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08-07-2012, 05:52 PM
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Originally Posted by diligent_d View Post
Are there any sets out there that harken to more simple times, insofar as having relatively plain or non-garish borders, natural photos that aren't messed around with a lot, have cards for around fifteen players per team, have stat lines on the back that go beyond one year, and have no tin-foil or sparkly things on them?

Or stated in simpler terms, sets like the old Upper Deck ones that first came out? I seem to recall they did something like that for Baseball in the mid-nineties with a series/set called Collectors Choice: just simple cards with simpler designs, more stats, etc...

Would love to be able to buy a set of hockey cards each year that was made for the simple fan and not the hardcore collectors - not that there's anything wrong with hardcore collecting as well, just seems like the hobby has skewed almost entirely in that direction.

Sometimes I want to open some crazy stuff but sometimes I just want to finish a huge set with every freaking player and have the cards be old skool cheap.

I would recommend the following sets: Panini puts out a dollar a pack product that nearly every retail and hobby shop has, called's a retro brand naturally where it's mostly regular cards on an early 90s design. Upper Deck has O Pee Chee, which obviously is a retro product...huge player list and is like 600 cards. Like old skool 80's O Pee Chee it's a tough set to build and very popular in Canada. The design is like old cards and they're even printed on pulp! And there's the best brand out there, Upper Deck base brand. This year's was so strong that the Young Guns RC of RNH booked for a hundred bucks. Not bad for a product that's usually around $3 a pack. The photos on the cards are awesome and it's a borderless design to highlight the action photography on front. Its released in two series and the regular cards including YGs are all relatively easy to find. Last year's product has already gone up by 33% because people bought it all up and busted the packs already.

All three products above have some game used jersey cards and if you're lucky maybe an autograph or two. They are all fun sets to chase.

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