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Originally Posted by Rorschach View Post
No, I just know far more than you do and have no bias for or against, unlike yourself. The numbers of cards trading hands on a daily basis and the sheer numbers of dollars for just new hockey alone is insane.

For example, I collect Drew Doughty and the Kings. If I had the money I could buy quantity of any Marcel Dionne card that I wanted including his rookie. I could spend a week (plus a couple weeks for shipping) and gather 50 copies of his best card, his RC because it was printed in the millions. I could do the same with Yzerman's best RC too except I could easily get 100 copies of that.

There are cards of Drew Doughty that any collector would want but I'd struggle to get even 5 copies in a year even if I offered triple guide price. Even waving the money in someone's face they wouldn't sell to me. That doesn't sound like "worthless" to me. I'm on eBay every other day looking for certain players.

No bias, and i don't think you know much at all. You seem to be among the minority who still sees the point in buying the new shiny toy, but guess what your limited to 5 auto patch card of Doughty will be in five years when there have been 20 of those cards released each season? Pennies on the dollar for what you paid for it. They will be worthless in the long run, the way any random jersey card or autograph card (which used to be worth huge money for random shmoes) used to be. Cards is now a fools game. And sorry, but no, there are not a million copies of Marcel Dionne`s rookie card bro. Maybe if you count the bike spoked ones that may as well be used as fire starter.

Like all other collectables designed to be a collectable, current day cards will have no value in the long term.

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