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08-07-2012, 06:30 PM
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Originally Posted by wreckless View Post
low #'d cards of all stars from top tiered sets with unique patches will hold their value.

No they won`t, simply because there are still dozens of limited cards of each player each season. Your card, as nice as it is, is limited to 50, but how many other cards limited to 50 of any given player are made in a year? Multiply that by a 10 + year career, and what do you have? Hundreds of cards that only player collectors and the odd set collector will be after. And there aren't many completist player collectors around anymore, they can't keep up with the volume of these cards that the companies are putting out. No long term value is in these cards. You'd be better off moving that out for some nice vintage cards, those are the only ones that will have value long term.

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