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Originally Posted by tfong View Post
We don't need centers we need high scoring wingers. You know why flippers played wing? Cuz they wanted him top six and not on the 3rd line.

Helm has the 3rd center spot. 4th is a mixture of Abdelkader and Emmerton.

Stajan is useless to the wings. Stemps is ok but Cleary plays the same role of a speedy fore checker with some offense.

So ya definitely not enough value in that proposal.
The Wings' current forwards are:

Datsyuk, Zetterberg, Filppula, Franzen, Bertuzzi, Cleary, Samuelsson, Nyquist, Brunner, Helm, Tootoo, Abdelkader, Miller, Emmerton, Mursak, and Eaves. Two need to go, obviously, to make the roster limit. Nyquist and Brunner are waiver exempt, so IMO they basically have to earn top-six spots to play in the NHL if all are healthy.

If you give up Flip to get Stajan and Stempniak, that means someone gets waived or traded. But it might lead to other things. With the current roster, Helm is slotted as the 3C, likely between Cleary and Eaves if Nyquist and Brunner are sent down. Cleary/Helm/Eaves is by no means a scoring line; it's a quick skating checking line with a couple guys who might pot some goals. Slotting in Stajan puts in a guy who is more of a scorer than Helm, and he brings Stempniak along with him. That means the third line could become a legitimate scoring threat. One or both of Nyquist and Brunner are probably put on the roster at this point. If both rookies make the roster, then unless Cleary returns to form, he moves with Helm to the fourth line alongside Tootoo. Abdelkader, Eaves, Miller, Emmerton, and Mursak are left to compete for the last two spots. Realistically in that situation we would probably see Eaves and Miller gone, and Mursak, Emmerton, or Cleary traded.

On defense, there's not really a question... Quincey out, JayBo in. Ok.

I'd rather it be Babchuk than Stempniak, personally.

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Originally Posted by wally31 View Post
No way. GlenX turns this trade heavily in favour of the Wings.




GlenX doesn't = Nyquist. If we were to trade him, he would get a hell of a return.
Ok, ok. How about this:

To Calgary: Franzen, Quincey, and Nyquist

To Detroit: Bouwmeester, Hudler, and Babchuk

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