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Originally Posted by Sore Loser View Post
I don't disagree with your points here. We aren't nearly as skilled as most of the other teams in the NHL, and we definitely did not go out and sign any big name free agents. The thing is, we have to establish something before we can attract any big name free agents (not that there were many this year). And, we have to establish a competing group before we can look at bringing in any young skill that matters. Look at some of the guys who have failed here because they weren't forced to battle for their spots in the lineup, or because they simple weren't showed the right way.

With the team we have now, we aren't going to be great, but I can assure you that the days of the carefree Jackets are coming to an end. Certainly, that wasn't completely Rick Nash's fault; but as was mentioned above, he wasn't capable of doing it on his own. Which comes back to the added assets/salary allotment thing. Hypothetically, this team doesn't improve much in the standings this year; but they establish a group of guys who don't back down from a challenge, who bind together instead of fall apart, and use the three first round picks next year to not only bring in some young talent, but perhaps attract some free agent talent that may not have signed here before. And, we'll have the cap space to do it.

A rebuild takes time. We weren't going to trade Rick Nash and get back guys who were going to turn this around right away. We knew going in that we wouldn't be getting a Jeff Skinner or Ryan McDonagh, and those teams made it very clear that it wouldn't happen when it was mentioned. It might not work, you're right. But, something had to be done. The formula just wasn't right.
We should never have gotten to the place that the roster was (is) at. If there is nothing here to lure in free agents and help our draft picks realize their potential, HOWSON SHOULD HAVE BEEN FIRED. Once again, we're talking about the bare minimum of running an NHL team. There are expectations.

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