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Originally Posted by Lafleurs Guy View Post
We should've got more for Cammy than we did. Saddling ourselves with Bourque didn't make sense. And now we have to hope that some other club out there will take a problem child from us.

Not sure why they wouldn't. The day after Cammy's comments there were tons of speculation on teams trading for him and it was universally agreed that he'd land a good return.

Instead we went for a desperation move and rushed out to trade a player who PG had figured had mortally insulted him.
Let's analyze Gauthier's moves as a whole. I think there were four last year as a response to a failing team: Kaberle, Kostitsyn, Gill, Cammalleri. I apologized if I made a mistake by forgetting one.

Kaberle: A legitimate shot at reviving the power play early in the season when there was hope. The team had done well in the previous two playoffs. It did work out, the power play did improve, but the team turned out to be even worse than thought and that was not sufficient to form a playoff team.

I don't think it's a bad trade as I reject the general forum consensus that Kaberle sucks, is an untradeable player, and has negative roster value. I think he slumped in the first half of last season but he was OK with the Habs in spite of being on a horrible team. If he can play on the first PP with Markov this year he's going to fetch a good return at the deadline. Puck-moving defenseman are highly rated on the trade market every year.

Kostitsyn: We got a 2nd rounder, don't know if we could have had more. It's interesting that GMs don't seem to want him, even though we know from history that this is a player who doesn't expect huge paydays. I think this was a good move.

Gill: Geoffrion and a 2nd were a good return. Geoffrion helped give a week of positive press coverage which helps the team brand. The 2nd is a good return, maybe we could have had more, who knows?

Cammalleri: I'll take Holland and a 2nd over a random 1st rounder in the 16-30 range. I don't approve of Gauthier trading because his feelings were hurt and we would be better off without Bourque. Bourque has harmed Eller's development.

Gionta was untradeanble because he was injured and thus useless for the playoffs. There were rumours of 2nd rounders available for Moen but he had a concussion, and we resigned him anyway. There were rumours they tried to trade Darche and Weber but could not find any takers.

The overall direction was good but not great I think. We picked up a pair of 2nd rounders and Patrick Holland. We picked up two players, one useful (Kaberle), and one with negative value (Bourque). It could be better, but I don't know of many GMs who nail 4 moves out of 4. I was very satisfied to see the end of the Gainey-era philosophy of having UFAs leave for nothing.

With that said our starting roster for this year will be inferior. Half the point of dealing vets is to sign new UFAs with the cleared cap space. Cammalleri, Kostitsyn, Darche and Gill have been replaced by the inferior Bourque, Prust, Armstrong and Bouillon. That's a step down in size, in goal scoring ability, and we lose an elite PK specialist ... one of our few strengths is being compromised. The Kaberle-Spacek trade improves our offense, but downgrades our defense.

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