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Originally Posted by Rorschach View Post
You find a fact, warp it, then make a conclusion. Once you warp a fact, it's no longer a fact. For example you talk about Doughty patch cards. Guess what, I collect Doughty but my focus is on RCs and maybe high end autos. I believe that patch cards are dubious in nature since no one can verify who's patch it really is. Is the patch Sidney Crosby? Or leftover Noah Welch? and they do make more and more patch cards. That's true. It's a fact. It's the same reason I won't shell big money for stick name plate cards...because every year that player could get other card like that.

But then you also say I collect patches without seeing my collection. And this your argument fails. You're so against card collecting that everything seems bad to you.
Patches are what's hot, so yes, I assumed. Nothing in my argument fails at all, even if they aren't your patches, whoever has them will never see what they put into it back. As per your high end rookies, at one point, Fedorov was a high end rookie. Now you'd be lucky to sell one for a dollar. Why does an autograph on a rookie card make it worth more long term? Its worth more initially mostly because there are few autos out there of the rookies. But after years of autos in every set, the autos of these guys will be worthless as well. Just because they gimmick it up doesn't change that for the most part, these cards will end up valueless.

And I'm actually not against cards. I do collect, but I am not under the delusion that the industry is healthy, or that current cards will end up worth even what they are today, let alone being worth more, decades from now. The one pure fact of collecting in general is that if it is made to be a collectable, it won't end up being worth a damn thing because everyone will keep it in pristine condition. The real collectable pieces are things that nobody designed to be a collectable. Like vintage cards. They weren't made to be a collectable, they were made as something to put in the gum package or tobacco tin to make someone buy their brand over the brand that didn't have them. That's all.

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