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08-07-2012, 08:13 PM
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I thought about making some lines but it's just too hard at this point. And I think we're going to see our lines juggled anyway especially early on. There's just too many variables. Can Cleary get over the injury? Because he was awful last year and I fear that even before the injury I saw small signs of a downswing. Can Franzen not ruin every shift he plays with turnovers, poor passing and no effort? Because it won't matter what line he's on if he's still doing that. Watching Pav try to get a decent shift out of him was like watching him plunge a needle into a stone expecting blood. Are Nyquist and Brunner top six ready? Is Tootoo going to play beside Helm and not be wasted with Emmerton and Abdelkader? What about Bert, who will he click with? He's not a third line style guy especially if we try to force him beside a speed player or two.

The biggest thing for us isn't lines, we're extremely skilled and almost any line can work as long as we're moving our feet and trying. All we have to do is look back a few years to as early as even the 08 finals for example. We moved with a purpose, everyone had energy, everyone got open, no one was lazing around. That's absolutely, bar none, no doubt in my mind our hugest issue. Our biggest hurdle to overcome. If we try, we won't have many problems. But all it takes is one guy per line to dog it and we're screwed. Effort and energy can overcome pretty much anything with an adequate level of skill, especially today, and we obviously have more than enough. Look at 02, we busted our ***** and won. 03? Same skill, absolutely no drive at all. 04-06, same deal. Skill out the ass, but no will to move our feet. We won in 08 and came close the year before and the year after (and should've won) because we moved with a purpose. Now we're letting bums like SJ beat us because we can't bring ourselves to skate hard.

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