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08-07-2012, 09:27 PM
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On paper, it sounds awesome. Imagine teams of Vettel/Rosberg, Webber/Ricciardo, Button/Hamilton (again), Grosjean/Vergne, Alonso/de la Rosa, Raikkonen/Kovalainen, Schumacher/Glock, Petrov/Aleshin, Kobayashi/Nakajima, Karthikeyan/Chandhok etc. all racing identical F1 cars under their nation's flag. It's every Formula 1 fans dream.

But even if the rules were to change vis-a-vis mechanical propulsion being prohibited for Olympic competition, auto racing is impractical for so many reasons.

Chief among them is the cost involved. If you wanted to go best of the best and have a Formula 1 style category, the construction of one of those cars costs in the vicinity of $7-8 million. And who's going to build them? If you left it to the respective nations, only a handful would be able to do it. Then you take into consideration the cost of fuel, tyres, telemetry equipment, logistics of transporting massive amounts of equipment and material, and then the scores of engineers, mechanics and technicians required to keep the cars running.

All of that for what? One race. Even if you win, you've spent millions and millions of dollars for one medal. Invest the same amount into your swimming team, and you could end up with a dozen.

There's a good reason why professional motorsports are teeming with advertisements on every spare inch of space on the track, the cars and the drivers. They need a **** ton of money to do what they do.

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