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12-03-2003, 12:45 PM
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Originally Posted by theo6060
What does everyone see as his top end potential? I don't want to set the bar too high, but I see him being a guy we can relly on down the line in a tied game. Maybe he could get 30+ goals...maybe even 40?

Top end potentail is 1st line winger, but who knows if he will get there. I think he needs to get stronger, and learn to drive to the net more. Still he's highly skilled. His skating is already top notch, and has good speed with good acceleration. He will throw a hit, but it doesn't seem part of his game. Also he's good in his own end, but should get even better with time. He's a shooter first and fore most, as his wrist shot is heavy, with a quick release. I had heard he wasn't much of a passer, but in the games I was at, he made some decent passes. I was most impressed with his flashy moves, as he put on a great one man show, as he took the puck carried it in, went all the way around the net, back in front, sheilding it the whole time, then fires a wicked backhander that just froze the goalie. Top shelf, it was sweet.

The problem I noticed is he lacks strength, wasn't very physical in that he had a few chances to check a player and didn't, and to me he seemed to slow down in the corner instead of getting hit. Also once he got Jarvis yelling for him to backcheck hard, but other then that I think he will be a good one. The smaller ice surface will continue to give him problems, and it's got to be very difficult not knowing any other Russians, and being so far from home. If anyones spent any time in Hamilton, it's a depressing looking town. (no offence Hamilton) I could see him in the NHL at some point next year. His skating, speed and shot are all NHL ready, just needs to get more comfortable out there, and a good bit stronger.

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