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08-07-2012, 09:32 PM
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Yeah we're part of the original group. I do generally stand against h2h. At the end of the day I'd do what everyone wants but I'd likely be a lot less interested. My trouble with this league is that no one is aggressive, IMO. Almost every year I do a huge trade where I WAY overpay to get the guy I want, it's the only way to get a real trade done at times. We pack rat away prospects that rarely pan out, and everyone seems to be afraid of being aggressive in a league that's free. I fully agree that we have a ton of roster spots, and you can make a strong argument we protect too many guys. Scoring is always an issue,but most are up for varying what scores.

I wouldn't be opposed to a radical shakeup of rosters, though that can be unfair to those on top. I won a year or two ago, when healthy my team is solid and I'd hate to give it up but if we have to "reset" somehow to make it better for the lower half I think it's the responsible thing to do. We'll see what Dave thinks. I am generally pretty strong against h2h, I do think the flat out best team should win. I'd also throw a few bucks in to keep it worth paying attention to. Not so much that we argue about anything though. I can see this being a really tough league to inherit a crap team from and change fortunes. I have some of my original players still. Getzlaf, lundquist...I picked up mikko koivu and zajac on waivers that first season. Maybe drastically reduce the protection list for one season.

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