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Originally Posted by CrimsonSkorpion View Post
In the case of Gomez, they strictly went with him to try and boost confidence. Last year was all about trying Gomez in every situation and role possible, which included the shoot-out. However I like the idea of giving the nod to the hot hand of the night. If Bourque scores 2 goals one night, is it entirely right to leave him off the first three shooters? Absolutely not. What if Subban has the only goal in a 1-1 tie and he showed nothing but confidence with the puck?

A candy is a candy, but if someone is unexpectedly hot one night, you give him a chance. It may not always lead to a win but I feel more comfortable giving that guy the chance over someone that may be good in shoot-outs but was cold all night.
Believe it or not, Gomez had success in the shoutoot in the past : snod:

That's where i disagree.
I think in the overtime, that's where the candy should be given....and powerplay time also.

A player is hot, give him shifts in overtime and powerplay but stick with the guys that can make the shoutoot a speciality.

Do you remember Nigel Dawes?
Briefly a NHLer

But the Rangers always used him in shootout when he was in the line-up cause he was good 1 on 1. Jacques Martin knew that cause he used him even though he wasn't a regular NHLer....did score also!

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