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Originally Posted by WhiskeySeven View Post
I'm gonna assume a bit less, maybe 12-14 starting (basing this off of experience). If you want a well-paying job with minimal responsibilities apply at the MUHC hospitals (or any hospital - unions!). If you get in you're essentially set, and depending on what you get you can get as many hours as you want and it's starting at like 16-18 an hour+benefits.

I recently quit my job and left school (seriously, Concordia is the worst school in the world). Going to travel for a bit now and pursue my only passion in life, writing.

In my spare time I write jokes for comedians, and just generally write comedy. Not the biggest fan of doing standup myself but my best friend does it semi-professionally (because MTL sucks for English comedians) and he's probably one of the top comedians in town and I write jokes with/for him all the time.
Wow... nice man, really appreciate the post.

Why do you find Concordia the worst school? I was thinking of going, PERHAPS.... give me the dirt. =]

What were you studying? what year were you in of school? How long did u have left?

The comedy thing is really cool.. I would LOVE to do that... I'm guessing it's rough to pay the bills solely doing that though unless you luck out and get a nice gig.

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