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Originally Posted by BobbyFischer View Post
Wow... nice man, really appreciate the post.

Why do you find Concordia the worst school? I was thinking of going, PERHAPS.... give me the dirt. =]

What were you studying? what year were you in of school? How long did u have left?

The comedy thing is really cool.. I would LOVE to do that... I'm guessing it's rough to pay the bills solely doing that though unless you luck out and get a nice gig.
I'd rather not give away too many details but it was just not for me personally - none of it.

Concordia is as good as you want to make it but there are a lot of idiots in the halls, in the rooms, in the administration - it's a mid-tier school and they act like it. There are geniuses, amazing teachers and passionate educators but there are also the bad ones who just want to get in and out. Makes for an impersonal and weak atmosphere if you ask me.

If you put your head down and get your work done, and then get the extra work done and come to every class and every tutorial and so on you're already ahead of 90% of the folks there and already going to get at least a B. A friend of mine was a terrible student in HS and Cegep and now he's kicking ass in University because he needed the freedom to realize his passion (engineering) and the work ethic came naturally. He has 5 summer courses while the rest of us get drunk every night and he still has a smile on his face because he loves it.

Comedy doesn't pay at all - at all. There are comedians in montreal who'd kill someone for 20$. I do it for fun, because I like it.

But seriously, apply at the hospitals - all of you.

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