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Originally Posted by DJyellow View Post

some of the controversy explained; starts around 6:24.

and we have scene much worse (like club/strip scene in heavy rain)
Heavy Rain is as close to realism as games get but David Cage has the emotional range of a 3 year old.

Originally Posted by RandV View Post
I'm probably more a reader than I am a gamer, so reading stuff like George R.R. Martin's A Song of Fire and Ice (aka Game of Thrones on HBO) where something like r*** is a reality and/or unavoidable consequence for women.
Yes Martins use of ****, sex and violence is his version of "adult content" is a crutch if I've ever seen one.

Watching the trailer for the new Tomb Raider I got the impression that they were taking a more realistic/survivalist approach to the genre, which I would consider a welcome change.
I'm completely fine with a realistic/survivalist approach to any game.

Like the character is designed specifically for the gamer to **** off too without having to deal with all the
Yes instead of Lara Croft now being a super model she looks like an American Apparel model. Is Lollypop Chainsaw super misogynistic as well?

So back to the trailer, when Lara is trying to slip past the Gregor Clegaine henchman-type mercenaries and gets caught, what occurs is a natural escalation. It's not you that gets to be the knight in shining armour that steps in to save her, she fights back on her own and all you can do is cheer her on. So personally I have no idea where this is supposed to create some "sick caveman mentality where you want to protect little Lara". How exactly are these events supposed to play out? Should reality be avoided so the gamer can continue to play Indiana Jones but instead of Indy have a sexy babe onscreen?

Main Developer on Tomb Radier:

You aren't supposed to identify with the main character you aren't supposed to want to be her(heaven forbid someone wants to be a women). You're supposed to want to help her and be the protector. Don't want women to feel as if they have had someone designed for them that they can relate to directly or men to have someone they can treat as a subject rather of an object. But she's an object that is supposed to be helped and patronized through her struggles.

Its very patronizing to say you're the caring boyfriend for the fragile woman that can't do anything except get beat up and stabbed. I'm sure women just want to stimulate awful times and have that be a game for women but that sure as hell wasn't what Lara Croft used to be.

I think there is great merit in what they're trying to do and I am not qualified to speak on if they're making a qualified female protagonist for people. But I would say Tomb Raider isn't a series people play to gain insight on the suffering of the human condition.

If anything when it comes to games like this I have a bigger problem with games that provide narration at every turn of the game. It'd be nice if the developers had a bit more subtlety with dialogue tools but they obviously lack the skill of actually creating compelling scenes (see David Cage).

On a side note I'm not trying to say I'm speaking for women.

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