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08-08-2012, 04:15 AM
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Originally Posted by BK Triple Threat View Post
The MLS??? If you ask any real soccer fan that league is garbage. The MLS is like the NHL…way down the food chain to the point of it doesn’t matter in the big scale grand scheme of things when it comes to a judging point on pro sports.
The quality of MLS (no definite article - you wouldn't say, "the Major League Soccer" or "the Major League Baseball") has been discussed and debated for years, and the "real soccer fans" you reference probably couldn't spell "Eredivisie" if you spotted them all of the vowels, but that's completely missing the point.

The argument was that Seattle doesn't support the teams it has now. The Sounders, regardless of the relative quality of the league, are extremely well supported and serve as a counterexample to that argument. They put 64,000 people in the stadium last year for the season finale with San Jose:

They also pack way more than the 4,500 seating capacity into Starfire for US Open Cup matches, and the folks that do show up tend to be from supporters' groups and create a very rowdy atmosphere.

As for the other teams in Seattle, just six teams have averaged capacity or better in the NFL since 2007, and Seattle is one of those (67,397, or 100.6%). Hell, I even have to take back what I said about the Mariners, because since the start of the '01 season, they've averaged 32,386, which is 10th in the Majors over that span, ahead of cities larger than Seattle such as Dallas, Phoenix, and Atlanta.

Seattle is the principal city of the Northwestern United States, and it makes absolutely no sense for them not to have a representative in the NBA. (Or, for that matter, the NHL, although there is a whole other forum for that discussion.) Hopefully this business with the Port will all get sorted out soon so the Sonics can return while we're still young.

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