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Originally Posted by IHWR View Post
Well then find me some examples that show otherwise. Show me a top 10 list generated by Hockey's Future or as voted by some of the boards here or produced by someone that graduated 70-80% of their players to the NHL. I've looked and they don't exist without multiple top 3 picks being included and even then they aren't as successful as you'd think.

Here's the Pens from 2005:

1. Sidney Crosby
2. Evgeni Malkin
3. Marc-Andre Fleury
4. Ryan Whitney
5. Noah Welch
6. Maxime Talbot
7. Colby Armstrong
8. Johannes Salmonsson
9. Sergei Anshakov
10. Andy Chiodo

That lists contains 3 players selected in the top 2 of their respective drafts, 4 in the top 5 and 5 first rounders in total. This list produced 6 players.

Here's Chicago in 2007:

1. Jonathan Toews
2. Patrick Kane
3. Cam Barker
4. Troy Brouwer
5. Jack Skille
6. Dustin Byfuglien
7. Dave Bolland
8. Danny Richmond
9. Evan Brophey
10. Igor Makarov

3 top 3 picks, this list pumped out 6 NHL players so far with Skille on track to crack 200 possibly 8 years after being drafted.

I'm literally just pulling from teams that had a bevy of high draft picks in a row, which our list doesn't have.

But yeah...maybe I'm wrong this time. It could happen that we absolutely hit one out of the park with these 10 and nearly all of them go on to have careers in the NHL. It just happens so little that odds are that isn't the case. It doesn't mean you can't still enjoy our prospects or have your favorites or whatever. I'm just speaking for the other side on this one and trying to show that people here might be letting their excitement about our prospects breed unrealistic expectations.

Believe me, as a Pens fan, I'd love to see all these guys crack the lineup and contribute.
I'm not even saying your conclusion is wrong. Just that your argument to support it is wrong.

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