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08-08-2012, 11:47 AM
Crunch Time
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Originally Posted by Laus723 View Post
Fair enough and thanks for taking the time, perhaps should have have compared it to anderson toying with his opponents. Just meant that I was as eager for more as I am with a Fitch fight. I love the ground game, appreciate Machida'a style, and know its not all about full on going at it, just thought Bader was so ridiculously timid that Machida could have pushed a bit more. Rather than do a boatload of hand movements.
The one thing you have to respect about Bader's standup is his power. It's legitimate KO power, and it's mainly in his overhand right. The more you attack him, the more likely it is that he can uncork that money punch since he's countering your forward momentum. Also, the more you come forward against him, the easier it is for him to shoot the takedown and use your forward momentum against you.

Machida in the first round:
-Neutralized the takedown via counter knees to the body, and with good range/angle control
-Neutralized the opponent's primary striking threat
-Still scored with significant strikes

I just don't see how successfully implementing that sort of tactical superiority can be considered boring, by anyone. I find it incredibly interesting to watch and learn from.

Also, those same hand movements that set up his perfect counter punch KO also set up his highlight reel crane kick KO on Couture. It's not as if he doesn't do anything with them. Fighting is as mental as it is physical, and that sort of thing will have an impact on the opponent.

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