Thread: Prospect Info: Top 10 from Huddle (HockeyBuzz)
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08-08-2012, 01:40 PM
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Top 10 from Huddle (HockeyBuzz)

I am not sure if this link has been posted, but I thought it would be of interest. Brian Huddle from Hockeybuzz wrote a Sens top 10 prospect list.

My Comments:

Really surprised to see Ceci at 2nd. CC was a mid first round pick in a ok draft year, so either Huddle really likes CC, or he is less impressed with guys like Lehner, Stone, Silvferberg and Noesen.

He has Prince at number 4! I had assummed that by looking at his stats that Prince should have been rated higher but given his draft position (61st??) there was something that scouts did not like about him. Huddle is the first scout to have given Shane Prince two thumbs up.

He has Maidens at number 9 right behind Peumple, which leaves me asking the question is he really high on Maidens, a 3rd rounder, or really down on Peumple.

In retrospect it appears that Huddle puts a premium on upside, and less so on risk, which may explain why Prince and CC are so high and Maidens is at least 3 spots above Boroweicki (who is likely 12th, as Wiercioch was 11th)

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