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08-08-2012, 02:32 PM
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I think it's pretty cool that you tried to get math involved in this, but the problem is that the angles are ever changing. How you hold your stick constantly changes them. If you hold your hands closer together, the angle lessens. If you hold your hands further apart, the angle gets bigger because you are bringing the stick in closer to you. So a smaller player can use a longer stick assuming their hands are closer together. It is why you see guys in the NHL with ALL KINDS of different stick lengths. Some use them up to their chest, others up to their nose. It all depends on how you hold your stick most comfortably when on the ice. Some guys keep the puck right up next to them when they stickhandle, and others keep it much further out.

Basically, I don't cut my sticks at any set point when I buy them. What I do is cut them off around my nose on skates, and then work my way down until I find the point that is most comfortable for me. It sometimes takes 3-4 ice sessions to find that point(I choke down the stick usually to find the best height, then make note of it) Depending on the curve/lie, I have used sticks from my nose down to my chin.

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