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Decided to pick a random date and I'm going to watch some WWF and WCW from October 1999.

Don't feel like doing big write ups so it'll mostly be point form.

Tonight I plan on watching Nitro from the same night, and am going to continue alternating right through No Mercy on October 17th, and Halloween Havoc on the 24th. I'll likely watch the Smackdown's and Thunder's as well, so it'll take awhile..

First up last night was the Raw episode from 10/04/99.

- New Age Outlaws vs The Acolytes vs Kane & X-Pac vs Hardcore & Crash Holly. Meh....

- British Bulldog promo in which he "apologized" for injuring Stephanie McMahon at Rebellion by saying that women have no place in the WWF. Chyna comes out and challenges him to a match later on tonight.

- Rock and Sock connection back stage segment.

- Segement with Test from a Connecticut hospital, where he revealed that Stephanie McMahon was suffering from post-concussion syndrome.

- Edge & Christian vs The New Brood (Jeff and Matt Hardy) in round 2 of the "Terri Runnels Invitational." Good match, as expected.

- Triple H segment in which he hypes the upcoming match with Steve Austin at No Mercy on October 17th. He ends up beating up good ol' JR.

- Jeff Jarrett & Ivory vs Mae Young & The Fabulous Moolah.

- Pretty funny in-ring segment with The Rock/Mankind/Chris Jericho. Jericho was always entertaining as hell on the mic. Especially back then.

- Dudley Boyz attack Mankind and Stevie Richards in the back.

- Chyna vs British Bulldog. Chyna is kicking Davey Boy's ass until Jarrett comes in and knocks her ass out with a coffee urn. Bulldog then power slams Chyna, hoping to get Triple H's attention for a title shot.

- Dudley Boyz vs Mankind and Stevie Richards.

- Vince McMahon/British Bulldog in-ring segment.

- The Rock vs Chris Jericho. McMahon/Bulldog get involved..

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