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Originally Posted by HabsUK View Post
The 4 -7 month thing you mentioned above seems to be true over here as well, been over 2 months since we finished University and only 2 guys out of 40 on my course have jobs at the moment. Every application is overfilled by 10 or 12 times, not fun trying to get a job.
Only thing I've heard is that countries such as Germany (actually, I only heard this for Germany, no idea about S.Korea, Japan or some sectors of the U.S.) hire a huge amount of engineers. Had some German friends tell me that even though there are so many engineers there's always a huge demand in order to stay competitive and to keep the economy running as they rely heavily on exporting technological goods rather than resources.

This finally gives me a good reason to push myself to learn German, which I've always wanted to.

No idea what the stance there is for aerospace. But competition seems fierce as well. My friends older brother, who did electrical engineering and specialized in nanotechnology (smtg even more precise but I forgot what) had trouble finding work there. but that may be due to getting too specialized too soon. I hear it's much better to get into a company and then do a masters or PhD in accordance to the companies needs (and your interests).

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