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Originally Posted by Taco MacArthur View Post
Who's the "they" in that sentence?

(And if it's the Athletics, then how does that show that there's not an equivalent in the NHL?)
The reason the A's use Sabremetrics is because they have a tight budget. They stacked up on players who would be considered scraps on other teams, who had a good fielding percentage and a good OBP.

Since the NHL has a salary cap and a salary floor, teams don't have to resort to this. NHL teams don't have to worry as much about their players signing with a big market team like how the A's worried that their players would get signed by the Yankees and the Red Sox.

Now with the Sabremetrics, baseball has many ways where someone can get on base, advance bases, and score. The most popular way to score is obviously a home run. Hitting a single is just as good as drawing a walk, but the players who walk a lot get overlooked and don't make as much as players who get a lot of hits.

In hockey, there's only one way to score. There aren't really that many stats in hockey like there is in baseball. No statistic in hockey tells the story like they could do in baseball.

Obviously I can't tell anyone for certain that there is no "Moneypuck" in hockey, but I just can't think of anything.

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