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08-08-2012, 04:51 PM
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Hockey's Moneyball could very well being going on right now for all we know. Until Michael Lewis got involved the vast majority of MLB teams were clueless about what the A's were up to, let alone the media. The very point of a quantitative approach is to uncover some inefficiency, a systematic mis-pricing of players/assets. Once every other team (or a significant fraction of teams) start correctly pricing players your advantage disappears. Thus it's in the best interest of teams to keep their in-house analysis techniques just that, in-house.

As far as what's going on in hockey. GMs aren't staying up all night pouring over Corsi or Fenwick. They're collecting new stats, developing optical recognition algorithms, and doing high level positional/matchup analysis. Basically, the odds that teams are only trying to exploit the statistics that the NHL collects through their RTSS game-by-game server is pretty low. Teams are trying to quantify the game in other ways using the raw game footage.

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