Thread: Prospect Info: Stefan Noesen - top 6 upside?
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08-08-2012, 06:03 PM
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Originally Posted by Minister of Offence View Post
Well I'd love for you to tell me who I've been wrong on...most of the time I don't speak in terms of absolutes as in "this WILL happen" or "this WONT happen". Shouldn't be anything wrong with a little optimism but nothing's been that crazy and there's a big difference to the way I post now and the way I posted when I first started. The player I've been most optimistic for since day 1 just won the Norris at 21, a player I told people to have caution with got traded and is having an adjustment like I imagined he would. I told the 95% of people that hated the Turris deal that it was a good deal for us, and it appears it was.

I've also been overly optimistic on non-Sens players like RNH when many doubted him and his size and thought he was overrated, I just don't waste time talking about guys I don't really like.

Just because I say something like Jared Cowen could be a #1 doesn't mean I don't see the likelihood that he ends up a #3. Just because I like a prospect doesn't mean I think he's gonna be a star or even a scoring line player.

But we do have people here that see enough of players and have enough of a clue that are worth listening to.
Dude being optimistic is good and all but all I'm saying is that to have a fair assessment of a player you have to notice both positives and negatives of a player. No player is without weaknesses and when discussing things with you its almost like they dont exist or they are so minimilastic that it's foolish to pay attention to them. I don't want to do a search so maybe I am wrong or I am right I just am too lazy to find proof but either way thats what I remember. If I'm wrong then I'll take this back.

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