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Originally Posted by nyr2k2 View Post
His stats aren't poor in context--a third line center who is regularly matched against the opposition's best forwards, while starting an overwhelming percentage of his shifts in his own end. Looking simply at goals and assists isn't a reliable indicator of a player's value. It's like determining how valuable a shortstop is by looking at his BA and RBI, while ignoring his place in the lineup and his defensive contributions. You're just not looking at the complete picture.

Not liking Boyle is fine, that's your prerogative. Saying he sucks is asinine.

This is the standard "goals and points aren't everything" BS people used to say about Drury.

Boyle scored one goal in his last 25 games of 2011, which was a career year.

He scored six goals through his first 73 games in 2012.

For those keeping score at home, that's seven goals in 98 games.

Seven goals in 98 games for a guy playing anywhere from 2nd to 3rd line minutes.

Boyle finished 32nd in faceoff pct in the playoffs. That's out of 52 skaters.

Boyle placed 240th among eligible forwards in shooting pct. 2-4-0. That's out of 281 eligible forwards.

All Boyle does is block shots and pin people against the boards. That's it. He's a good penalty killer. A lot of guys around the league are good penalty killers. That doesnt mean they should see PP time and ice time when his team's down a goal with under three mins to play.

Again, you like throwing around things like "asinine" and "talking out of your ass" but you're the one who isn't supporting your argument for Boyle with anything substantial.

Boyle has no skill. I know what I see. He sucks, and the stats back it up. That doesn't mean you have to cry and take his poster off your wall.

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