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Originally Posted by tyratoku View Post
Yes of course. Try to keep them football or hfboards related, it makes it more fun. In one league I do they try to get everyone's usernames in there somehow. Like mine was the tyrannosaurus rampage or something similar. If we did something like that on here could be fun. I remember there were some decent ones last year, like in Kolb we trust. Except he sucked **** most of the season

I'll probably do the lottery thing this weekend to find draft order, so that'll give two weeks or so to get all your mocks and research in.
It was In Kolb we bust and I drafted him as my 1st QB nonetheless.
Probably go with "Lindley by midseason" this year(our 6th round pick rookie QB). With Leinart/Anderson 2.0 in front of him(Kolb/Skelton) he's bound to get a shot like Max Hall did(and unlike the midget, Lindley can play).
Either of the 2 Sundays listed would work for me.

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