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Originally Posted by Fish Invictus View Post
Carle also spent 13 games with Pronger, who was producing at a very high level before his season/career were torpedoed; this would have boosted his numbers initially, before coming back down to normal. Overall, Carle's production is lower than should be expected from someone who is supposedly very good at offfense, considering his time on ice with a top 3 offense and time with the top forward line.

My theory is that other teams know how to defend Carle now. He gets neutralized because they can single him out, because he is one dimensional offensively. A one dimensional player like that can't drag along a teammate who isn't all that gifted offensively; MAB wasn't an offensive dynamo, and that surely didn't help. Despite that, with time spent with Pronger and Timonen, and loads of time with our top forward lines, his offensive output is disappointing compared to other Dmen, and spending half his time with MAB doesn't adequately explain it...especially since the team's production with MAB on the ice is slightly better.

Carle should be a strictly secondary player, and it was detrimental for the team to use him so much in a primary role. However, we didn't really have much choice. This year, someone else will likely be that offensive detriment, possibly even two whole pairings. At the end of the day, it was wise to not give Carle the contract he got with the team in its current situation. That's the sort of contract you give to someone who helps fix/does fix the problem, and I don't think that would have been Carle.

I wrote this while doing several other things, so sorry if it isn't strung together/communicated adequately/makes no logical sense. Don't really have the time to polish it.
Which is more likely, Carle's numbers would be boosted by playing with Hall of Famer Chris Pronger for 13 games, or brought down by playing with AHL fodder Marc-Andre Bourdon for roughly 40?

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