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08-08-2012, 08:37 PM
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Originally Posted by matt1396 View Post
I think it will start in 2013-2014. Right now he will have his current contract, and then the new one will kick in after this season.
Idk in NHL 12 as soon as that new contract was signed it was implemented into the game the next update and the new cap hit took over for this year instead of just starting the year after
Originally Posted by CoachBadkitten View Post
Last question. How does the hitting look? Last year it looked really un realistic.
a lot better although some un-realistic hits still happen each game I had D.Sedin score a goal while getting hit and he went flying up out over my screen almost reached the height of the glass n fell it was like a super smash brothers too much damage KO hahaha but I think that was the only time it happened ever and they fixed it. Hoping hitting ur own teammates isnt a feature they are saving for NHL 14.

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