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Originally Posted by Edge View Post
It's been debated in other threads, but I really don't think Boyle is a bad third line center. He's not God's gift to the position, but he's good.

Over the last two seasons Anisimov scored 34 goals.

Dubinsky scored 34 goals.

Boyle scored 32 goals.

But we have this idea that somehow Boyle's 21 goals were a fluke, that Anisimov is going to turn it around any season now and that Dubinsky can still be the player we thought he was going to be. The reality is that a lot of it is perception.

We also have the perception that we have to have the best player in every position in order to win a cup, which I also don't agree with.

Right now, on paper, the worst the Rangers are in any particular area is average. They are also above average in many more areas.

At worst, I'd say our third line is average. But considering the top end talent, our defense and our goaltending, I'm really not worried.
Anisimov has 46 assists
Dubinsky has 54 assists
Boyle has 29 assists

I don't want the best 3rd line center. The cost for that would not be feesable.

I want a better offensive 3rd line center.

If Boyle had been posting seasons of 15+ I would have no issue believing that 21 goals was NOT a fluke, That said, he went from 4 goals in 71 games to 21 in 82 back to 11 in 82 (5 coming in the last 10 games of the season)

I believe that our 3rd line is less than average. But it's going to have a new look to it and the possibility of chemistry developing can change things. I just do not have faith in Boyle. He hasn't shown me enough to instill that confidence.

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