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Originally Posted by LyricalLyricist View Post
I know someone who made 60K+ WHILE in school. (if they did 40 hours a week, they were accomodated for school and did less)...and yes, it's with a bank.

Engineers out of school make about 40-50k. It doesn't really go up 20K in 2 years. For the amount of work we do we get shafted pretty hard. The only benefit of my particular degree is I can end up doing a business related career quite easily but it's unlikely(to impossible) Business students would qualify for engineering. It really depends what field you go into. **** like accounting(lucky you) and finance do relatively well. If you get your CA which any accounting student should aspire to do, you'll be relatively better off. What makes it interesting is, 3 years of Business+1 year of CA grad(prep or classes, dunno)=4 years of school and a good salary. 4 years of engineering=less than a CA. Kind of what I mean by getting shafted a bit. I think even a M.Eng makes less than a CA but I could be wrong.


I'm doing some JMSB classes actually, curious if anyone has ever taken MANA 300? I'm tempted to take it. It's 2 from BTM 480, BTM 430 and MANA 300.

BTM 430 Enterprise Resource Planning and Information Technology Integration
BTM 480 - Project Management
MANA 300 - Entrepeneurship: Launching your own business

They all interest me and I think BTM 480 is a given but not sure on others.
CA students get 37-38k when they start and will need 2 years before reaching 50k and they get the shaft to. They work their butts off. Been a CA for 15 years and still working my butt off but now making a nice salary. Worth the wait and effort.

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