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08-08-2012, 09:56 PM
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Yea....the Flyers...
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Yea definitly agree with what GKJ said.

1) Can't see them splitting Grossmann and Coburn up. They were the top defensive pairing last postseason, and Lavy is the type of coach who doesnt really like to chance around the D pairings when they work.

2) The only way Gervias plays over Gus and/or Bourdon is because of his "vet" presense. Homer and Lavy really favor it over playing young and inexperienced guys (inexperienced because they dont play enough). Lavy did change abit though when he had Gus playing a few games when Lilja was healthy.

3) Another thing on Gervias. Dont expect to much out of him, even as a 6 guy. He is known as Brutal Gervias for a reason. Can't remember who said it, but they said he reminds them of Randy Jones. Not great defense and offense really isnt there. Rather have a rookie work out there then give a 1 year guy who is known for his average #6 play, playing time.

4) I think we all can agree that Wellwood, unless he has a bad camp, solidified himself on the roster for next season. He was playing over other guys like Rinaldo during the postseason because Lavy trusted him more. I wouldnt be surprised at all if Rinaldo was the 13 guy or a fillin type of player.

5) I cant see MAB being healthy atm, no matter what Homer says. A few weeks ago, people said MAB was still suffering greatly and hasnt even started working out yet. Homer then comes out and says he is perfectly fine. Everyone here agrees that times. Im leaning towards another fib. And if it is, this will GREATLY prohibit a player of his type of play from showing his really talent. I see it like this. I personally think Gustafsson is the better "overall" player. I seen more from Gus where it made me feel like he can be a solid player. His playoffs looked VERY good and was one of the only defenders to stay with Malkin. While MAB looked good the first couple games, he really struggled. Ya he had a concussion which does affect it, but when he got the concussion and when his bad play started is another story. I think MAB might have the inside track, since Homer is known for loving his big hard hitting defensemen which MAB is. I personally think with the loss of Meszaros and Carle, we need another puckmover other than Timonen. The closest guy is Coburn and he isnt even considered one. Grossmann, Schenn and MAB obviously cant. Gervias can once every few games if he is lucky (and Lilja is...yea Lilja)

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