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Originally Posted by WDR357 View Post
What are your work hours? I have hours that vary so I often play both at nights and during the day. Are you looking for walk in leagues or stick time? I would recommend the summer Sunday night skates that FMC has up in Woburn/Burlington. Mostly beginners with a clinic before the skate. If you want faster play, try Hockeytown in Saugus from 10am-1pm from Monday thru Friday but keep in mind the level of play varies daily. The walk in play up in Hudson, NH for Top Shelf can be fun as well. Usually 15-20 dollars to play in a league game. Typically groups have beers in the parking lot afterwards. Nice people.

Stinky Socks runs some good clinics as well. Good luck.
Well to explain my work hours as easily as possible, I work 1 week 4 days, the following week I have those four days off. So in a two week period I work 7 days that cover every day of the week. And they continue to just flip-flop every other week. Also every month switches as well. So for example this month I'm on the overnight shift, in September I'll be on days...Kinda crazy hours really.

I have checked out Saugus and I'm interested to give it a shot sometime soon actually. For the Woburn/Burlington area what rink is it your talking about. I live in Lexington so those two towns are right next door. Thanks for this info as well!

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