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Originally Posted by End of Line View Post
Tanner Glass from a Canucks or Jets fan POV would be great.
Jets fan here, just want to further expand on what was previously said:


- Willing to fight anyone
- Hits will probably be top 10 in the NHL for a while
- Brings it every single game
- Isn't afraid to hit superstars
- Good character on and off ice
- Can play on the PK
- Tries to play a puck posession game
- Good at wearing down the other teams top lines
- Can play a decent amount of minutes
- Doesn't play dirty
- Awesome haircut
- Fan favorite


- Lacks overall skill
- Very weak shot
- Known for missing the wide open net (SCF anyone?)
- Although he plays the PK (usually as the forechecker) he's not all that good at it
- Don't even think of putting him on the PP
- Can be out of position quite a bit, especially on the PK
- Although he fights anyone, he usually loses

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