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Originally Posted by tfong View Post
A newly signed ufa that a team let go has zero value, so from a value standpoint Hudler is essentially nothing. Hudler is young so obviously he did not feature in Kenny's plans so no value or very little to us. Has there ever been the case of a player signing elsewhere only to be traded back to the team in the same off season?

At this point in time Franzen = Jbo in terms of impact to a team so essentially you are trading Gus+Quincey for Babchuk. You can't tell me a sub 4 million 30 goal/50 points is not worth Jbo as he currently stands. Franzen may look like a worse contract in a few years but from the current standpoint the value is way lopsided.
That is wrong on so many levels. A trade has to benefit both teams..

Just because Hudler holds next to no value to Detroit, does not mean he is a throw away for Calgary..He holds very similar value to Franzen on the trade market. Your point is moot.

It may not make sense for Detroit (which I can completely understand you saying..), but value wise it is by no means lopsided in Calgarys favor.

I also completely disagree with you that Franzen is as valuable as Bouwmeester, but we don't need to get into that..

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