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Originally Posted by leafs8181 View Post
Carter won't be producing at a high level if he's the #3 center. Not enough ice time unless you want to take ice time away from Kopitar and Richards, but why would that make sense? Kopitar's clearly better and Richards to me is a much better player as well.

And the concept was that not only will the Kings not want to give out another long term deal (since they already have Quick, Carter, Richards and Doughty on those), that he'd most likely be gone in 4 years -- that's if the cap doesn't drop $10 million with no salary relief (not probably, but very possible). Factoring in Quick's increase and Brown's soon to be increase (he's on a great deal and will most definitely get a raise), unless they want to gut their team of depth, one of their centers would have to be moved.
This is really a non-issue... and that's speaking as a Leafs fan. The plan for LA is really obvious -- Kopitar is #1, Richards is #2, Stoll is #3. Carter plays the wing with Richards. They did it in Philly and they did it to a Stanley Cup in LA. Richards is a great checking centre which is why it works. If somebody gets hurt, then Carter finds his way back to the middle of the ice and they're just fine.

As for Brown, he's got 2 years left on his deal. You don't start making room for a guy 2 years in advance, and you certainly don't do it by trading core pieces when you've got periphery players like Williams, Gagne and Penner who could be moved. Sure, it's a possibility that the cap will go down without a rollback (unlikely it seems), but that's ignoring the fact that a) the kings have over $7m in cap space right now and b) a decrease without rollback will seriously diminish the contracts that guys like Dustin Brown will be able to command for a few years.

Furthermore, even if this becomes an issue, it's not something they're going to deal with 2 years in advance. They'll deal with the problem when and if it arises.

Originally Posted by LightningStrikes View Post
Lecavalier to Toronto will arguably never happen (for $ reasons, his NMC, and so on) but nontheless, that statement is just false.

On the Lightning he's not the #1 center. On the Leafs (and several other teams in the league) he would certainly be the #1 center, don't kid yourself. He scored at least 20 goals and 50+ points while missing 20+ games over the last two seasons - prorated to 82 games he'd be at 30 goals and 65 points. And that's while playing hurt and with inferior linemates as Stamkos is obviously the go-to guy in Tampa now.

Give him #1C ice time with Kessel and JVR/Lupul/whomsoever on his wings and time with the 1st PP unit and he should put up at least 70+ points. Let alone when he's not playing 10-20 games obviously hurt.

He had bad luck with injuries (wrist, hand, shoulder) but he had surgery again and feels 100 per cent. And he's certainly an upgrade over Bozak, JVR or Grabovski at center. Not to mention his qualities as leader, mentor and role model (Cup winner, long-time NHL captain, almost 1,000 NHL regular season games played).
That doesn't mean a team should want him as their #1 centre. Lecavalier may be one of the 30 best centres in the league, but Toronto, like other teams, aspires to not be the 30th best team in the league.

No question he'd be an upgrade over Bozak/JvR/Grabovski as Kessel's centre, but at unreasonable cost considering his contract, age, and injury history. We're trying to build a long term winner. He's probably won't be good enough for us to win a Stanley Cup with him as the #1 centre, and his contract is the kind that has a serious possibility of preventing us from acquiring the centre we need.

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