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12-03-2003, 01:03 PM
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Originally Posted by HollyG
Well, for my portion, I start with the rookie scoring leaders, overall scoring leaders, defensemen scoring leaders and goaltending leaders lists. I pick players off those lists, making sure to include enough guys from each position. I look at more info on each to make sure they are valid choices. These players you mention just aren't at the top of those lists. Compare their numbers with those that do make the list, they are just below. McVicar's numbers are far below, actually. Schultz has only 8 points in 13 games. Nolan has 8 points in 7 games, which is good, but didn't play enough at this level to be considered. Tim Smith did just miss the list (he's the non-rookie of the bunch).

November-specific stats, and actual game play mattered too. I've seen Columbia but wasn't blown away by any of these yet.

I'm glad someone is getting mad at the list though, it means people are reading it!
Fair enough, just curious cause Nolan, Schultz, McVicar are all 20/21, younger than most of the guys you had mentioned and doing pretty good as well. I just feel they should get more precident over some of the names mentioned cause they were drafted by an NHL team and seemingly could have a future in the NHL. A lot of the players you mentioned also came out of college which gives them a big advantage over guys like Nolan, Schultz, McVicar, etc who came out of junior hockey. So obviously undrafted college players are gonna put up better stats as they are better prepared for professional hockey. I feel this list should reflect the Top 15 prospects in terms of NHL potential and focus on prospects who were drafted and have potential to move up through a teams system. Just my opinion that's all, I'm sure you know the ECHL better then me though, so I'll give you the benefit of the doubt on the list.

The Inferno are doing really good so far this year, lead by Tim Smith who had a great finish to last year and lead the Inferno in the playoffs. I think the Inferno will win it all this year, as hard is it to believe, they are even better this year than last year. They are deeper up front with the additions of NOlan and Schultz, and the improved play of Cabana. The defense could get better if the Moose ever get healthy again and they send down a guy like Vydarney. They also have two very good goalies, McVicar seems to be getting better as the year goes on, and Blackburn has been pretty solid all year so far.

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