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Originally Posted by Capitaine Gionta View Post
LOL one of my uncles, when I was there and told him what I was studying, said the same. Every time he saw me, he said the same. Ahh I already miss being there.

Thanks for tips, I'll look into that.
I've been to Porto and Lisbon, on separate trips (I interact with a Portuguese prof, who does not publish much, but is constantly involved in journal and conference committees, and has me take part now and then). Really enjoyed them both. In Porto, I was at a conf dinner that took place at Taylors' (as in Taylor Fladgate port)
and at dessert, each table of about 6 had two bottles of Taylor Fladgate port to polish off. Needless to say, I don't remember much from this dinner, except having a fantastic time. The conf in Lisbon's highlights were a committee dinner at this castle , with an amazing view of the city, and a side-trip to Evora, which features a chapel lined with human bones and craniums.

Edit: my comment on your career just goes back to my post that features Jack Palance. Find your One Thing, and set yourself apart. It need not be diplomacy, but bear in mind that there are probably hundreds of graduates in Poli Sci every year. There are very few of them equipped to be a diplomat, or whatever other specialization you choose, and an even smaller percentage equipped to negotiate with a Chinese, Arab, or even Hispanic counter-part, for that matter. If you speak Portuguese and French, you probably have a leg up on learning Spanish, a combination that gives you access to all of the Americas, plus the Iberic Peninsula. If you have a nose for numbers, it could also be economics is a good complement, so you could be involved in negotiating trade agreements. I would definitely poke around, ask questions, and think creatively as well as strategically.

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