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Originally Posted by RangerBoy View Post
Where is PHX going? You keep hearing about the team moving. Where? Quebec doesn't have a new building ready to go. Quebec City is a small city. Can they afford to support an NHL team? The building in Markham,Ontario won't be ready until late 2014. Doan wants to stay in PHX. He would have signed somewhere in July if he didn't care about staying in PHX. With the impending lockout,Doan can wait for a while until Jamison completes the sale of team. Its going to take a miracle for the season to open on time. Is the stuff with other teams in the East real or is the agent using them to drive up the price on Vancouver if PHX doesn't get sold. Dave Maloney said on the EDM station podcast(Nash trade and Sauer was discussed) he didn't see Doan as a fit in NY from people he has spoken with which probably includes brother Don. Maloney said Weber wanted no part of NY and he couldn't see Doan playing here. Suter wanted no part of NY or any big market US teams. Not many people believed it when Poile and Eaves said it. Doan owns a ranch in PHX. Not a lot of room for horses in Manhattan. Family? Lifestyle? They will be more comfortable in PHX or in British Columbia than moving to the east. If its about the family or lifestyle and not one last money grab if PHX doesn't work out? Cerny had a chat yesterday. He felt the asking price and Doan's desire to stay in PHX were reasons why Doan won't be here. The pro-Doan crowd haven't explained how fits into the cap in the next CBA. The cap drops and is set at $64.3M using the NBA model and is kept there for 2 seasons,where are the Rangers finding the space to keep their group IIs next summer? The season beginning in late December will still have enough time for 60 game season. The Rangers will need to shed a big contract to keep their current players.
You posted some good stuff, just piece of advice spread it out more it is kind of an eye sore and tough to read.

1. Moving; there were a lot of rumors about Seattle as well as Quebec City. I'd be willing to bet that part of the conditions of Phoenix moving to Quebec would be that a new stadium needs to be finished in 3 years or so.

2. The pro-Doan crowd haven't explained how fits into the cap in the next CBA:

You have two types of people on this board, the people you are referring too at type 1, there are just as many that are type 2 that want nothing to do with Doan. But here is a good HF Board overview of the two groups;

1) What Have You Done For Me Lately Group:

This group cares about winning now so bad that they are willing to overlook the future ramifications, in order to have the best chance of winning the cup as soon as possible. They are willing to risk loading the cap now and praying that the cap goes up.

Popular Responses are, "The Cap will go up" and "we will worry about that when it comes"

2) Home Grown Talent Love Fest Group:

This group claims to see the light at the end of the tunnel, and feels that almost every prospect we have is close to NHL ready and is a better substitute then any veteran we can pick up either by free agency or trade. They tend to overvalue their teams prospect and homegrown talent while under valuing other teams assets. They strongly believe that every year they are 2 - 3 years away from having a dynasty, and dislike the idea of bringing in any player which involves giving up the prospect they like, no matter how good

Popular Responses: "He is a top 6 talent", "that trade is over payment he will be a star", and "he is way to old, and on the decline"

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