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Originally Posted by VanIslander View Post
By that logic Souray is a bad pick in even the AA draft!!

Franzen's best three PLAYOFF years ended in 2010, scoring 59 of his 73 career playoff points in a 3-year span. But in the regular season, 10 of his 29 goals in 2011/12 were game winning goals, that's more GWGs last season than Datsyuk and Zetterberg COMBINED!!! His 3rd, 4th, 6th and last, 7th season in the NHL regaulsr season are significant, his 5th season only significant for the fact that it has one of his three great NHL playoffs.

This draft has seen one great playoff postseason picks made. The Mule has had three great playoffs and at least four significant seasons.

As a fourth line winger in this draft (especially given SEVERAL picks made before him and taking on surprisingly bigger roles than his will be), Franzen is excellent for his clutch play when it matters most, his physical play, his ability to help a less physical linemate get ice to skate, his net presence. He is the third best forward on a top NHL club and brings more than just points to the table, though when the game is on the line, he helps in that regard too.

I have always admired his game. And I hate the Wings. After Yzerman retired, only Kronwall and Franzen made watching the Wings bearable for me (though Zetterberg has grown on me a tinsy bit; Datsyuk is bloody overrated, great at times but at other times the superlatives thrown his way have gone overboard from what I've seen.)
Yeah I'm not someone who puts a lot of stock into GWGs in the regular season, especially the statistic and the relative finishes, unless you go through and catalog the goals and say which ones were in close games and which ones weren't.

For instance, if the Red Wings win 8-1 and the game is over after the first period, if he scores the second goal he gets credit for a GWG when in reality that goal really wasn't that important.

Franzen is a guy that does have some cache as far as being clutch, but it's not because of his regular season GWG totals.

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