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08-09-2012, 10:11 AM
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Originally Posted by hockeymass View Post
The RS users that used the RSII at ModSquad's SummerJam didn't have nice things to say about it. They seemed to feel that the pop was dialed way down.

I think I just can't get past the shaft geometry and feel. I used to love the old Synergys (early 00's - plain silver, Grip, Si-Core) but when I pick up the newer Eastons they just, I guess.
Wow, really? That's very interesting. My shot with the RS was the best out of anything, so I suppose you can really tell the difference when trying another stick. Gotta wait for early September then for when they ship in.

You really gotta wonder what Easton's doing with their products here. I'm the only one at work who has any type of positive opinion on Easton...

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